On a typical day at work, you’ll usually find me travelling on the roads of Laos. For the past few months I’ve been leading groups of travellers through the country and have just resolved that the bus I travel in, is more or less like my office, as inside it is where I spend most of my time on-the-job.

As 80% of Laos is covered with mountains, and sewn in between these mountains are other gems of nature, from immense gushing rivers to trickling fish-filled streams, it’s quite plain to see why the country is renowned for its stunning natural beauty.

Along the road side, I pass through villages littered with bodies emerging from dwellings constructed almost entirely of bamboo. I see chickens and pigs and cows run as our bus hurls toward them and children so consumed by their pursuit of happiness, that they are oblivious to our passing through.

When I’m feeling isolated and rootless, and like I’m a million miles from anywhere and anyone, I sometimes need to prompt myself and remember how magnificent my surroundings are. 

Recently, on two standard days at work, travelling between Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, and then Luang Namtha and Nong Khiaw, while admiring the world beyond the walls that contained me, I snapped some photos of the scenery outside my office windows.

This is what I saw.


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